October 24, 2021   Joshua   Freaky Friday, News & Articles, Personal Life, Rumors

A costar connection! After working together in 2003, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan have continued to stay in touch — in code.

While filming Freaky Friday, which follows a mother and daughter who get trapped in each other’s bodies through a magical fortune cookie, Curtis, 62, and Lohan, 35, found themselves listening to Justin Timberlake‘s “Like I Love You” quite often.

“Lindsay and I were doing a scene in a car and there was a lot of time in between takes,” the Halloween Kills star detailed to Yahoo Entertainment on October 15. “And there’s a rap in the middle of that song by Clipse. She and I were trying to learn the words.”

The Scream Queens alum recalled them “sitting there with a pad” trying to learn all the words to the song.

“We were writing them down, and then we would do the scene, and then we’d play the song and try to lip-synch the few words that we knew,” Curtis shared. “I’m telling you, we laughed. And that is my secret code with her. ‘What was the song we were lip-synching to in the car?’”

After Curtis realized that she gave away the details to their code, she added that she would now have to find “another” way to verify Lohan’s identity over text.

The Golden Globe winner has previously revealed that she wasn’t initially cast to play Tess in Freaky Friday. After Annette Bening dropped out four days before filming began, Curtis found herself “with absolutely zero prep on any level,” which she didn’t mind.

“Because I had no time, I had the complete freedom to just go, ‘OK, whatever. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen,’” Curtis explained to Vanity Fair in November 2019.

Although the Knives Out star was excited to get started, she revealed that there was an adjustment period. While filming her second scene for the movie, Curtis had a suggestion for the moment when Anna is inside Tess’s body ahead of an interview.

“I just remember asking the grips if they could put some baby powder so that my feet would slide,” Curtis told Vanity Fair. “Then I remember the director [Mark Waters] the next day coming to me and saying, ‘You know, the editor is wondering if we should bring you down. He was thinking it’s a little too big.’

Curtis didn’t back down when it came to her performance.

“I remember saying to him, ‘Look, Mark. This is your movie not mine. I only heard about six days ago. This is what I’m naturally going to do for you,’” she recalled at the time. “‘It’s the only way I’m going to do it. If I’m thinking about this for one day, it’s over, it’ll be horrible. So either find somebody else and just let me go home, or I’m going to do what I do.’”

The California native admitted that she remembers that experience fondly now.

“It turned out to be this amazing, amazing, amazing experience for me creatively. It was the freest I’ve ever been [as an actor],” she added.