October 7, 2022   Joshua   Freaky Friday, Projects, Rumors

Jamie Lee Curtis’ dream for a Freaky Friday revival with Lindsay Lohan is nowhere near fun-sucker status.

Though she’s busy promoting her upcoming (seemingly horrific) showdown with Michael Myers in Halloween Ends, Curtis told an audience on the film’s Mexico City press tour that she’s game for revisiting a lighthearted continuation of the 2003 family comedy.

“Lindsay Lohan and I are friends…. Lindsay Lohan and I text. She texted me the other day, she’s in Ireland making [her new Netflix movie Irish Wish],” Curtis said in a fan-shot video from the event (below), after a fan asked her if she was open to exploring the film’s story further. She later added: “Anyway, Freaky Friday remake? Absolutely.”

The 63-year-old previously starred opposite Lohan in the Disney comedy (an adaptation of Mary Rodgers’ 1972 novel of the same name) about a mother and daughter who, thanks to ancient magic, inadvertently switch bodies.

Though she maintained that her relationship with Lohan is strong, she admitted that she regularly tests the actress “to make sure it’s not a phishing scam” every time she contacts her.

“The test for her was, ‘What was the song that you and I were trying to learn the rap [that’s] in the middle of the song while we were sitting in the car doing the scene while we were eating French fries?'” Curtis recalled, referencing a moment they shared on the set of Freaky Friday. “The answer is the Justin Timberlake song “Like I Love You” …. she and I were playing the tape, then we’d go back and rewind, the two of us were writing the lyrics to that whole rap in the car in Freaky Friday.”

In a recent interview reflecting on her most memorable roles, Curtis told EW a similar story about verifying Lohan’s identity when she contacts her. She also said that Freaky Friday was a particularly rewarding experience in her lengthy filmography.

“Freaky Friday was a fabulous movie, also very freeing creatively,” she said. “You know, being a teenager again, it was super fun. I had a good time with Lindsay. She was terrific.”

Lohan can next be seen in the rom-com Falling for Christmas, which debuts Nov. 10 on Netflix, while Halloween Ends premieres Oct. 14 in theaters and on Peacock. Watch Curtis discuss a potential Freaky Friday remake above.