July 10, 2023   Joshua   Freaky Friday, News & Articles, Projects

“There’s no question,” that Freaky Friday 2 will happen with Lindsay Lohan, Curtis tells EW, but adds that “stories require writers.”

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan won’t switch bodies in Disney’s Freaky Friday sequel until studios switch up their payment methods to end the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, according to the Oscar-winning actress.

“Oh, it’ll happen. For sure. Oh, for sure. There’s no question,” Curtis tells EW of the long-awaited Freaky Friday 2 in an interview for her upcoming movie Haunted Mansion, which is based on the beloved Disney parks attractions at resorts around the world.

When asked if she has an idea for where fans might see mother-daughter duo Tess (Curtis) and Anna (Lohan) Coleman’s story pick up over two decades after they first swapped bodies in the 2003 comedy hit, the Everything Everywhere All at One star cited the strike as an obstacle in the project’s progression.

“Yes, except stories require writers, and right now there are no writers because they’re all fighting for their lives, for their creative lives, for their emotional lives, and for their financial lives,” she explains. “We’re in the middle of a contract dispute. And so, until those writers get paid correctly and protected by the producers that make billions off of them, we will not be able to tell you any more about the Freaky Friday sequel, except that it is happening.”

Curtis told the New York Times in May that her 2022 press tour for Halloween Ends inspired her to explore making a continuation of Freaky Friday with Lohan. “As I went around the world with Halloween Ends, people wanted to know if there was going to be another Freaky Friday,” she said. “Something really touched a chord. When I came back, I called my friends at Disney and said, ‘It feels like there’s a movie to be made.'”

Representatives at Disney did not respond to EW’s request for comment. Curtis’ fellow Haunted Mansion star, Tiffany Haddish, also tells EW that work on a highly anticipated Girls Trip sequel has also hit a roadblock amid the strike. “That kind of puts a damper on things,” she explains. “I don’t know.”

The pair appears as a comedic duo in Haunted Mansion, with Curtis portraying Madame Leota, the iconic crystal ball-dwelling medium from the titular ride, while Haddish plays a New Orleans psychic enlisted alongside an inventor (LaKeith Stanfield) working on a camera lens that can see spirits and several other paranormal experts (Danny DeVito, Owen Wilson) to help a young boy (Chase W. Dillon) and his single mother (Rosario Dawson) rid their new home of 999 ghosts — including Jared Leto’s menacing Hat Box Ghost.

Curtis and Haddish can be seen together in Justin Simien’s Haunted Mansion when it opens in theaters on July 28.