October 8, 2023   Joshua   Mean Girls, News & Articles, Projects

No, it’s not Oct. 3, but that didn’t stop The Plastics from getting together.

Almost two decades after the cult classic teen comedy was released, several of the original Mean Girls cast members had a mini reunion for a special secret commercial project in Los Angeles Friday. Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert were spotted with camera crews on a football field in Los Angeles.

In the 2004 film, Lohan, 37, portrayed Cady Heron, a student who had just moved from Africa and was now an outcast at her high school. It was there she was introduced to the seriousness of the social hierarchy as she met teen queen bees Karen Smith (Seyfried), Gretchen Wieners (Chabert), and their leader Regina George (Rachel McAdams) — the trio fiercely known as The Plastics. McAdams, 44, was not present for the shoot. The ladies were all smiles and Seyfried, 37, and Chabert, 41, wore what any self-respecting Plastic would wear on a Wednesday — pink!

The fictional Toaster Strudel heiress was seen driving a silver convertible, much like the one from the famous “Get in loser — we’re going shopping” scene from the film. In another photo, Seyfried was photographed holding a microphone while wearing a blazer — possibly a nod to her part in Mean Girls where she did a school weather report letting her student body know there was “a 30 percent chance it’s already raining” as it was, indeed, already raining.

While on set, Lohan, dressed in all black, carried a zipped pouch that read “Plastics Club Member.” Details for the reunion are under wraps, but the movie is celebrating a huge milestone next year. Twenty years after the original film hit theaters, the Mean Girls Musical Movie is debuting.

Tina Fey, who wrote both the original film and Broadway musical, announced the upcoming project in January 2020. The Saturday Night Live alum, 53, also starred in the 2004 comedy as Ms. Norbury, a lovable teacher who at one point is accused of being a “drug pusher.”

The new film will see Fey reprise her role, alongside Tim Meadows, who returns as Principal Duvall. In February, Seyfried told Entertainment Tonight that she and her former costars are “100 percent into” making a cameo. “It’s been a long legacy for Mean Girls, and I think we all kinda just need to hang,” she said. However, it is unknown if they really are involved in the musical, which stars Angourie Rice, Reneé Rapp, Auliʻi Cravalho, Jaquel Spivey and Bebe Wood.

On Tuesday, Paramount Pictures celebrated Oct. 3 by sharing the entire Mean Girls movie in mini clips on TikTok. “Get in, loser. We’re watching the full #MeanGirls movie,” the first of 23 uploads was captioned. The date is a reference to a conversation between Lohan’s character and her crush Aaron Samuels. In the scene, Heron can’t help but gush when the high school star athlete asks her what day it is during math class.

For fans interested in watching the film in its entirety, it can be found on YouTube with ads and on Paramount+. The classic is also available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.