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The Lohdown Podcast Screencaptures Catch Up

Life has been pretty crazy lately. In June, I started a brand new job working at T-Mobile and was working every day and then in July my mother passed away from cancer. Then yesterday, I was terminated from my job without cause and no notice and now I’m back trying to find work. Fun right? […]

‘The Lohdown Podcast’ Episode 1 Screencaptures Added

Lindsay is joined by Netflix’s own, Bobby Berk! She gets the Lohdown on what goes on behind the scenes on Queer Eye, the time he met Jewel and didn’t even know it, and some tips and tricks for designing on a budget. Strap in, this is going to be a fun one! Gallery Links: – […]

Lohan Announces New Podcast

Lindsay Lohan is not only getting back into filming new movies, but she recently announced that she is ready to sound off with her brand-new podcast The Lohdown!