February 4, 2022   Joshua   Personal Life, Rumors

It’s official: Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are frenemies no more. 

In a Wednesday appearance on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live,” Hilton revealed that she and Lohan recently connected and smoothed things over after a very public feud that lasted for roughly a decade.

We’re grown-ups now,” said the socialite and television personality, who wed businessman Carter Reum last year. “I just got married, she just got engaged. We’re not in high school. I think it was just very immature, and now, everything is all good.” 

When Cohen asked which of the two women had extended an olive branch, Hilton explained she’d reached out to congratulate Lohan on her engagement to Bader Shammas last fall. 

“No bad vibes,” she said.

Lohan, hot off the success of “Mean Girls,” and Hilton were first spotted at Hollywood events together around 2004. Two years later, paparazzi snapped a now-iconic photograph of the two women leaving the Beverly Hills Hotel in a car along with Britney Spears, which prompted the press to dub them the “Holy Trinity.” 

But the falling out allegedly began shortly after the image was snapped, when Lohan was romantically linked with Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos. Hilton said she made several attempts to mend fences with Lohan over the years, but in 2019, she described her former friend as “lame and embarrassing.” 

In a December episode of her “This Is Paris” podcast, Hilton hinted that time had healed many of the wounds between the two. 

“I know we’ve had our differences in the past, but I just wanted to say congratulations to her and that I am genuinely very happy for her,” she said. “I got married, Britney got her freedom back and engaged, and then Lindsay just got engaged. So I love just seeing how different our lives are now and just how much we’ve all grown up and just having love in our lives.”