January 9, 2024   Joshua   News & Articles, Personal Life

Lindsay Lohan is thriving in her cool mom era.

The OG Cady Heron appeared at the Mean Girls premiere in New York City on Monday, where the 37-year-old was asked if she identifies as a “cool mom” after welcoming son Luai over the summer.

“I hope so,” Lohan tells PEOPLE exclusively with a laugh.

In June, Lohan gave some insight into what her plans for her baby are in a rare interview.

“I guess you would say it happened organically,” Lohan told Allure of how she ended up in the United Arab Emirates. “Dubai gives me that space to have my own vision of what I need to do next.”

Lohan says even though it’s a bustling city, her life is more peaceful there because she doesn’t have to deal with the same public attention and pressure she did in America. In Dubai, she can provide a more steady schedule and peace for her son.

“Sometimes I call it The Truman Show, because it’s the same thing every day,” she said. “But I love it. I really love structure, because I didn’t think I had that when I was young.”

Last year, Dina Lohan opened up to PEOPLE about being thrilled to watch her daughter settle into her new role as a mom.

“To watch my oldest daughter with her beautiful son is a memory engraved in my heart forever,” Dina told PEOPLE. “Lindsay took to her best role ever so naturally…she was always meant to be a mother.”

“God has truly blessed us all with lil Luai,” Dina adds of Lindsay’s baby boy. “As I held Luai, tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks. Badar [Shammas] took to the role of daddy like a pro as well. They are a perfect team.”

The new Mean Girls film opens in theaters on Jan. 12.